What are the good ways to start with Data Science? | How to start with Data Science| Getting Started with Data Science.

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Recent days Data Science is one of the promising and growing field. Are you still thinking how to getting started with data science? This is the right time to start with Data Science. Here, are the steps that you can follow to get into data science.

“Data scientists are involved with gathering data, massaging it into a tractable form, making it tell its story, and presenting that story to others,” — Mike Loukides

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Data Science Resources

Learn Language like R, Python or SAS. Here are some good sources for learning R languages.

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What are some good resources for learning R

For Learning Python:


Read some books about data science

Learn from other sources

  • Take some online MOOCS for Basic Statistics and Probability.
  • Take some online data science course from Coursera or Udacity
  • Check GitHub for some project that people already done. Try to understand the code. Then start writing your won code by taking some small project.
  • Follow  Kaggle  to get into proper pipeline  of real time data science.
  • Take part in Kaggle competition and build a profile there. This will help you in future to get into good data related company
  • Learn about Machine Learning Algorithms and techniques. You can get some good knowledge form Coursera machine learning program or Udacity machine learning programme. You can also follow machine learning website like: machinelearningmastery

 Learn BI tools from

Improve Your Learning Curve

Here are few books that I have listed. Hope this will will Improve your data science knowledge.

 Probability and Statistics

Two awesomet books on probability use R for their “hands on” programming examples.

Bayesian statistics

Learn Data Visualization

Data Visualization is the presentation of data in a pictorial or graphical format so it can be easily analyzed. If you’re learning data visualization, I highly recommend a book named as Exploratory Data Analysis with R by Roger D. Peng. It is an awesome data visualization tutorials for the R programming language. This book is for sale at http://leanpub.com/exdata

There are other two good books named as

If you’re interested in data visualization in R, you need to read a book called ggplot2. It not only teaches you the syntax of this critical R data visualization library, but it will also reshape how you think about visualizing your data.

Learn machine learning with R

Here are two excellent introductions to machine learning that teach ML using the R programming language.

  1. An Introduction to Statistical Learning
  2. Applied Predictive Modeling

Then jump into Big Data and Learn the Eco System of Big Data. Learn can learn from Cloudera