What are some good resources for learning R

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R Resources

I am using  R for three years now, I would recommend the following as resources that have helped me  a lot to climb the steep learning curve of R.

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Official Manuals

As far as getting started with R by reading stuff, there is of course this book. Also, available from CRAN are

R Programming Resources:

Best Books for R :

Other Resources

  • Major technical publishers like Springer, Chapman & Hall/CRC have entire series of books dedicated to using R in various applications. For example, Springer has a series of books called
    Use R!.
    • A longer list of books can be found on the CRAN web site

Useful Websites

Learn Probability with R

Two awesomet books on probability use R for their “hands on” programming examples.

These are just two books that I have came across. If you dig deeper, you’ll find that among probability books that use a programming language, many (if not most) of them use R.

Learn  statistics with R

Many statistics textbooks use R as a learning tool. For an introductory look a here’s one good book:

Learn Bayesian statistics with R

If you want to learn Bayesian stats and Bayesian analysis, nearly all of the books use R. According to my knowledge the best books that teach Bayesian statistics use R.

If you’re interested in Bayesian stats, check out these:

Learn Data Visualization in R

If you’re learning data visualization, I highly recommend a book named as Exploratory Data Analysis with R by Roger D. Peng. It is an awesome data visualization tutorials for the R programming language. This book is for sale at http://leanpub.com/exdata

There is another good book named as R for Data Science  which provides a great introduction to data visualization, but additionally teaches you a broad set of data tools in R. I also recommend a book Data Points as a companion, though it teaches principles as opposed to programing language syntax.  First, if you’re interested in data visualization in R, you need to read a book called ggplot2. It not only teaches you the syntax of this critical R data visualization library, but it will also reshape how you think about visualizing your data.

Learn machine learning with R

Here are two excellent introductions to machine learning that teach ML using the R programming language.

  1. An Introduction to Statistical Learning
  2. Applied Predictive Modeling


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