List of Disruptive Companies Differentiated by Intelligent Applications Using Machine Learning

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Machine Learning is changing the world. It is really exciting to do Machine Learning nowadays because we are really seeing lot impact from it. Today, we are seeing lot of power from intelligent applications as they are using machine learning.

In fact, if you look at industry after industry and successful companies, they are taking the market and completely changing world. This type of companies are called  disruptive companies. They often differentiated by Intelligent Applications by intelligence, they uses machine learning as it core.

List of Companies Building Awesome Intelligent Applications Using Machine Learning



Early days Amazon disrupted the entire market by bringing product recommendation into their website.


We saw Google disrupting the advertising market by really targeting advertisement with machine learning and AI.


Netflix is an Entertainment company. We have seen a movie distribution company really learning from how movies are seen. Now if we go to web and stream the data, Netflix will learn that and in core they have movie recommender system that help you to find the movies you like, the movies good for you. Out of many many movies  they are serving you the best.


Pandora Internet Radio is a music streaming and automated music recommendation system where you can find music you like, you can find stream that are good for you.


Facebook helps you to find people whom you may like to connect. They tag your friends automatically by recognizing faces within images. They really helps people discover new content and connect with the stories they care the most about.


Uber brought a new wave in the taxi industry by optimizing how to connect drivers with people in real time.


LinkedIn are using machine learning techniques to build the LinkedIn knowledge graph (LKG) based on user data including jobs, titles, skills, companies, geographic locations, schools etc.


Glassdoor is helping people to find the job that fits their life. They use  machine learning to tell users if they’re being paid fairly.


eHarmony is trusted dating site. It uses Machine Learning to help you find love.


Fitbit is a consumer technology company most famous for its stylish wearables. They ingest users’ fitness and workout data into the device and Fitbit devices report data back to users through its suite of apps. In the case of personal training tools like Fitstar, Fitbit’s apps can even make fine-tuned fitness recommendations.


Zillow Zestimate changed and disrupted real estate totally. It helps consumers to check on the property value of their own homes and those of all their friends, family members, and acquaintances

Avvo is famous for  an online legal advice provider using machine learning.


LivingSocial is the local marketplace to buy and share the best things to do in your city.