Python Libraries for Data Analysis

Python is a general purpose language and is often used for things other than data analysis and data science. What makes Python extremely useful for working with data?

There are libraries that give users the necessary functionality when crunching data. Below are the major Python libraries that are used for working with data. You should take some time to familiarize yourself with the basic purposes of these packages.

Numpy and Scipy – Fundamental Scientific Computing

NumPy stands for Numerical Python. The most powerful feature of NumPy is n-dimensional array. This library also contains basic linear algebra functions, Fourier transforms, advanced random number capabilities and tools for integration with other low level languages like Fortran, C and C++.
SciPy stands for Scientific Python. It is built on NumPy. Scipy is one of the most useful library for variety of high level science and engineering modules like discrete Fourier transform, Linear Algebra, Optimization and Sparse matrices.


Pandas – Data Manipulation and Analysis

Pandas for structured data operations and manipulations. It is extensively used for data munging and preparation. Pandas were added relatively recently to Python and have been instrumental in boosting Python’s usage in data scientist community.


Matplotlib – Plotting and Visualization

Matplotlib for plotting vast variety of graphs, starting from histograms to line plots to heat plots.. You can use Pylab feature in ipython notebook (ipython notebook –pylab = inline) to use these plotting features inline. If you ignore the inline option, then pylab converts ipython environment to an environment, very similar to Matlab.


Scikit-learn – Machine Learning and Data Mining

Scikit Learn for machine learning. Built on NumPy, SciPy and matplotlib, this library contains a lot of efficient tools for machine learning and statistical modeling including classification, regression, clustering and dimensional reduction.


StatsModels – Statistical Modeling, Testing, and Analysis

Statsmodels for statistical modeling. It is a Python module that allows users to explore data, estimate statistical models, and perform statistical tests. An extensive list of descriptive statistics, statistical tests, plotting functions, and result statistics are available for different types of data and each estimator.

Seaborn – For Statistical Data Visualization

Seaborn for statistical data visualization.  It is a library for making attractive and informative statistical graphics in Python. It is based on matplotlib. Seaborn aims to make visualization a central part of exploring and understanding data.


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