List of Big Companies using R

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 The continuous popularity and growth of R Programming Language has been helping data-driven companies succeed for more than a decade. In recent years, almost every industry sees data and analytics as a strategic competitive advantage. And R is the language of choice for many data scientist and data analyst. According to O’Reilly’s 2016 data science salary survey, R was in second position in the category of programming languages for data science while SQL ranked first.

On the other hand, according to another popular survey KDnuggets Analytics/Data Science 2016 Software Poll: top 10 most popular tools in 2016, R got top rank with 49% vote.


In this post, I have listed few big players who use R for Data Analysis. This is a motivation post to get people to start using R.

List of Big Companies using R


Google uses R in many ways. They use R to make online advertising more effective. They also use for economic forecasting and and Big-data statistical modeling.


Facebook uses R for Exploratory Data AnalysisExperimental AnalysisBig-Data VisualizationHuman Resources, and user behaviour analysis related to status updates and profile pictures. Carlos Diuk, a Facebook data scientist, created an analysis on the formation of love, based on Facebook relationship status updates. What they found is that as a relationship is formed, the number of timeline posts go down. However, the amount of positive emotions in posts rise.



Twitter uses R for Data Visualization and Semantic Clustering. Twitter has created some super impressive projects using R.  They also has created open-source packages for anomaly and breakout detection, which has helped improve their customer experience.


Most of the Airbnb data scientists use R and they also have an internal R package called Rbnb. They use R to scale data science. They use R to predict re-booking rates using past guest ratings and to automate guest or host matching.


Microsoft acquired Revolution Analytics in 2015 and they use R in many ways. Microsoft Azure uses R for understanding user behavior (how users configure monitoring platform), Visualizing infrastructure utilization data,
Abnormal login detection, Custom R packages to analyze monitoring data (time series anomaly detection), Forecasting hardware purchase requirements (forecast package). Also Xbox uses R for a great gaming experience. They also have packages RHadoop and ParallelR for Big Data.


IBM Invests in R Programming Language for Data Science; joins R Consortium. The company has relied on R, among other data languages, to help create innovative solutions like IBM Watson, an open, cognitive computing technology platform that represents a new era in computing where systems understand the world like humans do: through senses, learning, and experience. As a member of the R Consortium, IBM will collaborate with the R user community and support the project’s mission to identify, develop and implement infrastructure projects that drive standards and best practices for R code.

John Deere

John Deere is an American corporation that manufactures agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery, diesel engines, drivetrains. In 2016, it was listed as 97th in the Fortune 500 America’s ranking and was ranked 364th in the global ranking in 2016. John Deere also provides financial services and other related activities. They uses R for short and long-term forecasting, forecasting crop yields, data coordination, and optimizing the build order on the production line.

ANZ Bank

ANZ(Australia and New Zealand Banking Group) uses R programming for Credit Risk Analysis.  They use R is to fit models for mortgage loss.

 Zillow and Trulia 

The real estate data hub,  Zillow or Trulia  both the companies use R in a way that has a huge impact on your purchasing decision.  Zillow  acquired  Trulia in 2015. Zillow offered the “Zestimate,” its value-forecasting feature for homes in locations across the United States. In fact, Zillow is currently offering a $1.2M prize in a Kaggle competition for whoever can develop the most accurate home pricing algorithm.

New York Times

The New York Times uses R for interactive features (such as the Dialect Quiz and the Election Forecast); for data journalism (including these stories on NFL draft picks and wealth distribution in the USA); and for data visualization (such as in articles on the Facebook IPO and baseball pitching legends).


R is well-known for its use in pre-clinical data analysis in drug research. And Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis Relies on analyzing clinical trial data for FDA submissions with R.

Lloyds of London

In insurance, Lloyds of London uses R for risk analysis and Nationwide uses R for marketing analytics; and Deloitte uses R for actuarial analysis.


Here is a list of software vendors and services companies with products related to R

Coursera, DataCamp, RStudio, Revolution AnalyticsMango SolutionsZementisSASOracleIBMTeradata, TIBCO, Alteryx and SAP.

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