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Why Do We Need Software Engineering for Data Science Project?

Software is the generalization of a specific aspect of a data analysis. If specific parts of a your analysis project require implementing or applying a number of procedures or tools together then software is helpful for encompassing of all these tools into a specific module or procedure. These  specific module or procedure can be repeatedly applied in a variety of […]

Six Different Types of Questions that can be Asked for Data Analytics Project!

If you are a Data Analyst then you must know that doing data analysis requires quite a bit of thinking. And if you’ve completed a good data analysis project, of course  you’ve spent more time thinking and design  than doing. The thinking begins before you even look at a dataset, and it’s well worth devoting careful thought to your question. Before […]

5 Core Activities of Data Analysis | Epicycles of Data Analysis

“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.” -Ronald Coase, Economist Data analysis is an iterative process.  This process is  applied to all steps of the  analysis and it can be considered as an epicycle. Now the question is what is epicycle? An epicycle is a small circle whose center moves around the circumference of a larger circle.  Some […]

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